Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Child Dental Benefit Scheme in Boronia

Top-notch dental and oral care for kids has now become more accessible with the advent of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Details On The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

A new dental and oral health benefit replaces the Medicare Teen Dental Plan. This 2014, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) has been initiated to provide ample financial support for basic dental and oral health care services so as to help more kids in Australia achieve dental and oral wellness. Now, around 3.4 million kids can now have sufficient access to state-of-the-art dental and oral care.

The CDBS gives you a total benefit entitlement cap of $1000 per child which is valid over two consecutive calendar years. If your kid does not use the full $1000 cap in the first year, the balance can still be used next year, as long as your kid is still eligible. Avail of this incredible opportunity today to ensure that your kids can enjoy a life filled with healthy and beautiful smiles.

Eligibility For The CDBS

This will be determined each calendar year by the Department of Human Services. Children and teenagers are eligible for the CDBS if they are aged 2 to 17 years for any one day of the current calendar year, are eligible for Medicare, and are part of a family that receives Family Tax Benefit Part A or the child receives an Australian Government payment due to other benefits.

No registration is needed. Eligible families and teens will receive a letter from the Australian Government. You can confirm your child’s eligibility and balance amount through your Medicare online account at myGov or by calling the Medicare general enquiries line on 132 011.

Using The Cap Provided By The CDBS

The $1000 cap can be used for a wide range of dental and oral health services which are essential parts of Preventative Dentistry, namely:

Orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatments are not covered by the CDBS. Also, the $1000 cap does not accumulate. Any balance unused within the two-year period cannot be used past the said timeframe. Lastly, this entitlement is not transferable and thus, cannot be used by anyone other than the eligible child.

Top-notch Dental Care For Kids In Boronia

Take advantage of this opportunity for your kids to receive proper dental and oral care. At Chandler Road Family Dental Clinic, we are committed to providing the utmost dental and oral care so as to help you and your family achieve oral and overall wellness. If your kid is eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, just let us know. Your trusted Knox dentist can then come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for your child and discuss the corresponding costs with you. Call us today on (03) 9762 0661 or simply book your appointment with your reliable Melbourne dentist online.