What Is Cracked Teeth Syndrome?

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What Is Cracked Teeth SyndromeThe human tooth has always had the tendency to be afflicted with minuscule cracks that are, for most of the part, too small to show up even on x-rays. These dental cracks typically sit under the gums, in the lower back molars.

The lower back molar are usually afflicted with microscopic dental cracks as these teeth most frequently absorb accumulated the impact that results from the constant chewing and grinding that happens every time we eat. When these small cracks starts to ravage the teeth, the mouth is then afflicted with what is technically referred to as cracked teeth syndrome.


People who have a habit of grinding and clenching their teeth have higher risks of being afflicted with cracked teeth syndrome. The very manner in which the teeth come together and grind against each can put an overwhelming pressure that causes dental surfaces to crack.

It is important to note that broken teeth that have undergone root canal therapy and are reinforced with thick fillings are also more likely to be ravaged with cracked teeth syndrome.


Localized dental pain can be symptomatic of cracked teeth syndrome. This type of dental pain usually takes place when chewing or biting down. It can either last for a moment or for prolonged periods of time.

People who are suffering from cracked teeth syndrome are often caught unaware of their condition, until it is too late. It can take more than a couple of month for symptoms of cracked teeth syndrome to become sufficiently apparent. Seeking professional dental help best increases you chances of treating and even preventing the very onset of this unwanted dental anomaly.

Good dental habits have always been the key to good oral health. For most part, good dental habits consist of brushing at least twice a day, flossing with good quality interdental dental cleaners, and rinsing with dentist-recommended dental mouthwash. These, of course, are complemented with regular visits to the dentist.

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