How Gum Disease Threatens Your Overall Wellness

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gum disease

The image above shows gum disease in effect

It is normal for the human body to carry lots of bacteria. In fact, these microorganism are usually harmless and they can even help in preventing other pathogenic microbes to thrive in your body. Then again, certain conditions may disrupt the balance between the population of bad bacteria and the good ones. One of the most common causes of this disarray is gum disease.

Gum disease significantly impacts the balance of the bacterial population. Experts have identified a specific bacterium found in many cases of gum diseases which disrupts the work being done by your very own frontline against pathogens – your immune system.

This bacterium can impede your immune cells from getting rid of the pathogens and in the meantime, it also worsens the inflammation so that other microbes can feed on it.

Due to the weakening of your immune system, people with gum disease are more vulnerable to other and more severe health concerns.

This makes it all the more important to observe effective preventative measures that can deal with gum disease and its consequences even before they can arise.

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