Preventing The Build-Up Of Bacteria In Your Mouth

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Bacteria can be innately found inside your mouth. Some of these microorganisms are needed for the optimal function of your oral cavity. However, there are bad bacteria which are harmful to your teeth and gums. If you do not observe proper oral hygiene, the harmful bacteria multiply exponentially. As a result, you become more prone to severe dental and oral health problems like periodontitis.

Before the situation worsens over time, you can easily prevent this through safe and all-natural ways by changing a little bit of your diet. By adding more of these natural bad bacteria-fighters, you help protect your teeth and gums from extensive damage caused by bacteria. Also, you should see to it that you visit your reliable local dentist here at our clinic every six months for a comprehensive regular dental checkup and professional cleaning.

We can provide you with budget-friendly yet state-of-the-art dental care that aims to guide you towards a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles. Your trusted Boronia dentist is committed to providing the utmost dental and oral care so as to help you and your family achieve oral and overall wellness. Call us today on (03) 9762 0661 or simply book your appointment online. Here at Chandler Road Family Dental Clinic, your dental and oral wellness is our main priority.

Dr. Dorairajan Kulandaivel (dentist)

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Melbourne Dentist Dr. Dorai Kulandaivel has been practicing as a general dental practitioner since 2004. He has a gentle, caring approach to dental treatment and a wealth of experience. Due to this he is able to offer application of all dental procedures in the one place, at your local dentist clinic - Chandler Road Family Dental.

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