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Here at Chandler Road Family Dental we understand that parenting is no easy feat. Keeping up with a toddler or young child take a lot of energy and patience, and things are compounded if you have several little tykes to run around after!

It’s important however to not forget about their dental health and help them form the correct oral hygiene habits from an early age.

kidatdentistOne of the biggest dental misconceptions parents have is that baby teeth are not important because they will all grow out eventually anyway. This is completely untrue. Developing good dental habits with baby teeth (also known as primary teeth) is important because they set the foundation for adult teeth to grow in. If a baby tooth is lost, other teeth may shift into the empty space and prevent the adult tooth from erupting properly. This can lead to crooked teeth in later life, which can be very expensive to correct.

There are several other reasons why it is important to take good care of baby teeth. These include aiding in a child’s speech development (as proper teeth position helps with correct pronunciation), avoiding the pain that cavities can cause, and helping with a child’s self esteem. Young children can be swift to point out and make fun of crooked or “ugly” teeth amongst their peers, so maintaining healthy teeth and a nice smile may save your child from torment.

Parents often ask me at what age they should bring their children in to see us. The Australian Dental Association recommends that children’s first oral health visit take place at around 12 months of age, or shortly after the eruption of their first baby teeth. This is important so that we can evaluate their dental health and diagnose any potential problems. Preventative dental visits from a very young age can not only help reduce children’s fear of dentists in later life, but also lay the foundation for a lifetime of good dental and oral health.

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Dr. Dorairajan Kulandaivel (dentist)

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Melbourne Dentist Dr. Dorai Kulandaivel has been practicing as a general dental practitioner since 2004. He has a gentle, caring approach to dental treatment and a wealth of experience. Due to this he is able to offer application of all dental procedures in the one place, at your local dentist clinic - Chandler Road Family Dental.


  1. Mehmood Asghar  May 14, 2015

    True indeed. As a dentist, I believe that if we can somehow inculcate the importance of oral hygiene in children, we can raise a generation who will have less dental problems and complications.

  2. McCall Hazelton  February 13, 2016

    I think teaching your kids how to properly brush their teeth will put them on the right path for dental health for the rest of their life. When I’m babysitting I try to make the routine into a competition. When kids think that there is a prize for whoever can brush their teeth the best, they are more likely to enjoy the activity than despise it.


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