Milk And Green Tea: Drinks For Good Oral Health

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Milk And Green Tea- Drinks For Good Oral HealthGood dental habits aren’t just limited to cleaning loose food particles from the dental and periodontal surfaces of your mouth. As it turns out, good dental habits might as well begin with a good diet.

Food items that are rich in calcium, for instance, nurture not only strong bones but also healthy teeth. What follows is a list of food items that actively preserve and improve dental health and vitality.


It is no secret that milk is among the main sources of calcium in many people’s daily diet. But just as importantly, the sugar present in milk is lactose — the kind of sugar that is least harmful to the teeth.

Milk works better, at least for the teeth, when consumed during the morning. When consumed at night, make sure that you brush your teeth before going to bed. Even lactose can linger on the teeth, and can result to potential dental damage

Green Tea

Teas that contain polyphenols improve the overall status of your oral health by removing plaque buildup. A recent Japanese study reports that people who consume one or more cups of green tea in a day significantly decrease the risk of tooth loss.

However, author and founding member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Oral Health thoughtfully reminds patients that while some teas maybe beneficial for your overall oral health, some teas are extremely acidic, which can also cause dental erosion.

Apart from watching what you eat, good dental habits have always been the key to good oral health. For most part, good dental habits consist of brushing at least twice a day, flossing with good quality interdental dental cleaners, and rinsing with dentist-recommended dental mouthwash. These, of course, are complemented with regular visits to the dentist.

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