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Nighttime Oral CareProper dental care is not just a day job. As much as your mouth needs proper dental protection in the morning, it also requires the right kind of oral healthcare at night. Nighttime oral hygiene is especially important because in the hours when we are fast asleep, the production of saliva is consequently at the very minimum, thereby creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive on.

Essentially, good nighttime oral care is one that thoroughly cleans the mouth to the point where bacteria are not left with anything to breakdown during the hours of sleep. Nighttime oral healthcare essentially follows the same basic dental routines that most of us are very familiar with and even accustomed with by now.

Brushing, Flossing, Rinsing With Mouthwash

Brushing protects your pearly whites from plaque and bacteria buildup, which are the common culprits of tooth decay. So make sure than you brush your teeth before going to bed. Make sure that you use soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste when brushing.

Recent studies show that people who are at a lower risk of suffering from dental decay and periodontal disease could postpone brushing their teeth until just before they go to bed. Higher risk patients, on the other hand, could greatly benefit from brushing right after dinner and again before going to bed.


Because even good quality toothbrush can barely clean the hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth, flossing becomes all the more necessary during sleep. Flossing at least once day has proven to exponentially reduce the likelihood of contracting gum disease.

Flossing is especially important as it actively removes plaque while still soft. Hardening of plaque most commonly occurs during the long hours of sleep. So it is extremely important that you floss your teeth before going to bed.

Rinsing With Mouthwash

Apart from keeping your breath fresh, rinsing with therapeutic mouthwash helps keep your teeth free from plaque and bacteria buildup. Rinsing with mouthwash before you go to sleep helps keep your gums free from gingivitis. Note, however, that some products require prescriptions. Remember to properly follow instructions for best results.

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