Origin Story: Tooth Fairy

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Origin Story Tooth FairyMost parents make it a point to make the tooth fairy as real as possible in the minds of their children.

For most part, this is because the tooth fairy is a very consoling metaphor for the physical changes that people undergo during childhood.

Tooth Fairy In Early Europe

The story of the tooth fairy as most people know it today has only been around since the 1900s. Before then, many cultures that belong to early Europe practice the ritual of burying the milk teeth of children deep in the earth.

People believed that this ritual prevented witches from getting their hands on the teeth, which witches can use to cast a curse on children.

Still, in some other tradition of the time, people believed that if a wild animal eats any milk tooth that is scattered on the ground, the child would grow teeth that resemble those of the animal. This belief prompted parents to bury the baby teeth of their children deeper into the ground.

As the world slowly turn into modernity, the ancient ritual of burying teeth into the earth adapted into the changing times. People started to plant their teeth into flowerpots. As the world further moved into industrialisation and people moved away from the country into the city, the tradition eventually changed into placing the baby teeth underneath the pillow – the tooth fairy myth and practice that most people of today are familiar with.

As charming as the mythology of the tooth fairy might be, the truth about growing healthy teeth into adulthood is still largely built on religiously practicing good dental habits. These include home oral healthcare regimen such as brushing your teeth at least two times a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing using good-quality dental floss, and rinsing with dentist recommended mouthwash.

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