Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment In Boronia

Are you suffering from intense toothache?

You might need to undergo a Root Canal Treatment.

This unbearable pain can be due to a tooth pulp infection. When bacteria get to access the inner parts of your teeth, the soft tissues inside get infected. This then causes an inflammation in the pulp of your teeth and a great deal of pain in this area. If not addressed urgently, this can lead to the death of the tissues near the affected area.

Other Symptoms That You Should Check

Sometimes, tooth pulp infection does not manifest any of its identifiable symptoms. Still, there are certain cues that you can look for so as to determine if you will have to undergo Root Canal Treatment. Aside from an intense toothache, here are other signs of tooth pulp infection:

  • Too much sensitivity;
  • Swelling of gums;
  • Blood or pus near the affected tooth;
  • Spreading of pain; and
  • Your ear also becomes affected.

If you are experiencing any of these, then you should immediately consult your reliable dentist at Chandler Road Family Dental Clinic to check if there is a need for safe and gentle Root Canal Treatment to save you from the discomfort and your precious teeth from possible extraction.

The Procedure For Root Canal Treatment

In essence, the Root Canal Treatment is the process of removing the infected tooth pulp from the chamber inside your tooth, cleaning the chamber from which the tooth pulp was taken, and protecting the treated tooth from further contamination.

  1. First, we will set up an access cavity to serve as an opening towards the nerve canals.
  2. Next, the infected tooth pulp is removed from its chamber.
  3. Then, the area is thoroughly cleaned, shaped, and then filled with a rubber material.

The whole treatment usually takes two or more visits. Experts suggest that a Dental Crown should be placed over the treated tooth for increased protection.

Soothing Your Pain, Saving Your Tooth

When the tooth pulp gets infected and the pain becomes unbearable, the affected tooth gets extracted for good. However, dental care experts recommend that it is a much better option if you can save your natural tooth from extraction. Having a Root Canal Treatment can do the job for you. By removing the infected tooth pulp and thoroughly cleaning your tooth, bacteria can be effectively eliminated.  This allows the tooth as well as the surrounding tissues to heal. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, a root canal treated tooth can last for a long time.

Safe And Gentle Root Canal Treatment

You do not have to put up with the consequences of an infected tooth pulp. With the advent of better techniques and modern equipment used in dentistry, Root Canal Treatment can be done by your trusted Boronia dentist through a guaranteed safe and gentle manner. Call us today on (03) 9762 0661 or simply book your appointment online. Here at Chandler Road Family Dental Clinic, your dental and oral wellness is our main priority.