Tobacco Consumption And Oral Health

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Tobacco Consumption And Oral Health

In addition to compromising the general wellbeing of your body, chronic consumption of tobacco products tends to negatively impact your oral health, causing a number of oral health anomalies, ranging from teeth staining, dental decay, and even oral cancer.

Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery and Associate Dean of Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine Thomas Kilgore DMD remarks that it is difficult to tell the actual number of smokers who are likely to end up with oral cancer. What is more certain, however, is that the death rate of smokers who develop oral cancer are at a stunning 40-50%.

The American Cancer Society reports that 90% of people who are diagnosed with oral cancer, including cases that affect the lips, tongue, throat, and mouth, have been or are exposed to tobacco, in one form on another. Moreover, smokers and chronic consumers of tobacco products are 6 times more likely to develop oral cancer than non-smokers.

Other Forms Of Tobacco

There exists the misnomer that other forms of tobacco, such as chewing tobacco, are safer than cigarettes. But experts remark that it is really difficult to assess the gradation of health danger when it comes tobacco products. The bottom line, as supported by prominent bodies of studies over the years, is that tobacco is dangerous whether it is chewed, smoked, and inhaled.

Smoking And Periodontal Disease

Contrary to the popular misnomer, chronic consumption of tobacco products doesn’t only result in dental decay. Just as smoking damages the teeth, it also ruins the soft periodontal tissues, quite aggressively.

Dr Kilgore remarks “Bone loss is part of periodontal disease. It starts out as inflammation of the gums. In the natural and unfortunate progression, the bone supporting the roots of your teeth becomes inflamed. ” Bone deterioration that results for chronic consumption of tobacco is among the leading causes of tooth loss.

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